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Hey y’all!

It’s Travel Thursday!

This is an original blog post I wrote for my friends at Romance On The Go!




You’ve made the decision to go on a Baecation with the one you love!

Studies show that couples who travel together have happier relationships. With this perspective, Baecations are really an investment in your relationship.

Now let’s get into what you MUST DO to get a return on your investment:

1. Take The Lead

Who cares that you may not be “a planner”? Coming to the table with options reduces the stress of spending hours trying to find the perfect spot. That can be draining! The truth is, as long as your Honey is there, that’s the perfect spot. Minimize the stress and present your top 3 choices – one urban, one rural, and one beach. That covers all your bases! Or you can outsource the whole thing to our Travel Concierge!

2. Set The Mood

We’re so quick to get it on that we rarely take the time to create an atmosphere that appeals to our senses. Creating a romantic ambiance slows things down and allows you to build the anticipation of what’s to come. Romance On The Go has several options to help you create the perfect backdrop for your stay. We even have DIY Kits that can be sent nationwide! Kits have EVERYTHING you would need and more to set the mood!

3. Pack A Sexy Outfit

Since we’re appealing to our Honey’s senses, let them feast with their eyes because you brought an outfit they love to see you in. Birthday suits are always a hit, but sometimes it’s the allure of what’s underneath a sexy outfit that gets the ball rolling. You know what they like. Bring that! In need of lingerie? Holla at Stephanie of Intimate Celebrations!

4. Create A Playlist

A romantic mood isn’t complete without some mood music. Create a playlist or cd with all the songs that remind you of them, something that describes your relationship, what you want to do them, etc…the list is endless.

Here's are a few of our favorites...

1. Sex is on my mind - Blulight

2. Sexual Healing & Let's get it on - Marvin Gaye

3. Freek'n You - Jodeci

4. Anytime, Anyplace - Janet Jackson

5. Closer - Nine Inch Nails

6. Freak Me - Silk

7. Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke

8. Shhhhhh - Tevin Campbell

9. All the things your man won't do - Joe

10. Insatiable - Prince

5. Bring A Wine Opener

There is nothing worse than having to stop your festivities and run out because you don’t have a wine opener or something to pop the bubbly. Been there, done that, almost let it kill the mood.

Now, tell me...what are your Baecation MUST HAVES?


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