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Planning  something special, but don't know what to do or where to start? 


You've Come To The Right Place!

SOS Romance Planning Service takes the stress out of creatively demonstrating your love and appreciation for your partner.

Whether you're


  • A Full-Blown Romantic wanting to keep the spark alive with an unforgettable experience...

  • A Romantic In Training needing a confidence boost in expressing your romantic side...

  • Or someone Desperate to get out of the dog house and get back to the lovin, not fussin


SOS Romance Planning Service helps YOU romantically solidify your commitment to your partner.

We create customized romantic experiences that you and your Sweetheart will remember for years to come! 

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My name is Danielle Price also known as "The Female Hitch". 

As a Romance Planner, my job is to design fun, creative, and romantic ways for you to spend time with your Sweetheart!

No boring dinner and a movie dates over here!


Listen, you're already seen as Protector and Provider, now it's time for you to dust off your moves and be seen as LOVER!

Don't worry, SOS is here to "HELP" you turn on the romance AND feel good about doing it.

Together, we'll have you tapping into your Romantic side in no time!

Who Do We Serve?

Our Best Clients Are Men (& The Occasional Woman) Who...

  • Want to do "something special" 

  • Need to get out of the doghouse ASAP

  • Messed up a birthday or an anniversary

  • Are tired of getting nagged about not being romantic

  • Are looking for "something different" to do

  • Suck at planning things

  • Have a vision, but need help executing it

  If that's you, we'd love to work with you! 


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Anniversary testimonial
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Anniversary testimonial
Anniversary testimonial

Ready To Plan Your Something Special?

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