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The whole Hospitality & Tourism Industry has been ROCKED by this Coronavirus pandemic.

No one is cruising, flight pickings are slim, hotels & restaurants are closed, bed & breakfasts are suffering because most of them can't take guests due to statewide bans AND as if we needed anything else, we have a level 4 Travel Ban that has essentially said get your tail back to the US or else!

There's not one area of travel that is unaffected. Travel professionals have been working tirelessly trying to deal with the fallout from sudden closures and cancellations.

Thankfully, most of my clients aren't travelling until the end of the year, so we're waiting it out, but man...I'm feeling it.

I normally have guests that are celebrating Anniversaries, Birthdays, and or just wanting to get away for a Spring Fling around this time of year and sure enough, it's a no go. Of course you can always ‘Rona Date 😊 so there’s no reason your love life has to suffer, but I digress…

This is where YOU come into play.

Now is a GREAT time to shop small!

This is where the real work of community lies.

Us supporting one another!

You can take advantage of Bed & Breakfast Buy Now, Stay Later offers or order takeout from your local pizza joint. Maybe you buy a gift card from a local masseuse or beauty shop.

Every little bit helps!

As a fellow small business owner, I have made a conscious effort to support at least 3 small businesses a week; everything from mom and pop restaurants to online fitness classes.

So, before you go on your weekly Target run, think about how much of what you get there, you can get from a small business and directly impact your community.

Major chains are gonna be alright. Trust me. It's these small businesses that need our help the most during this time.

Happy Small Shopping!


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