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Top Cruise Lines for 2020


It’s Travel Thursday! For me, Romance and Travel go hand in hand. It’s about spending time with your Honey, creating a new memory. So every Thursday, I’ll leave a nugget about Travel on the blog!

We’ll cover everything from trends to steals to some of God’s most beautiful places on earth. Honestly, there’s so much to see! And it doesn’t have to break your bank!

Today, I’m encouraging you to set sail for a Winter Getaway! I know most getaways occur in the warmer months, but honestly you can’t leave out Fall and Winter too!

Especially if you live in snowy areas like we do *ahem Cleveland*

I recently snagged a client that told me she wanted to surprise her Husband with a cruise for his birthday.


Carnival cruise to the Bahamas anyone??

Although, they are cruising during the high season of the Caribbean, I was glad I was able to score them a cruise for two to the Bahamas for less than $550! WINNING!!!

Thankfully, she wasn’t picky about her cabin preference and I am pretty sure they won’t be indoors too much. So it really is a win!

Interestingly enough, Market Watch just released their Top Cruise Lines List for 2020!

A number of factors were considered like activities, dining options, itineraries, and budget.

They were even evaluated on cruise ship quality, reputation among travelers, results from health assessments conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are 2 I think you’ll find interesting:

For the money:

1. Royal Caribbean

2. Celebrity Cruises

3. Norwegian Cruises

For Couples:

1. Viking Ocean Cruises

2. Seabourn Cruise Lines

3. Crystal Cruises

Which ones have you been on before?

And which one do you want me to book for you??

You can check out the rest of the list HERE.

P.S. If you're SERIOUS about getting away this Winter, fill out the SOS Travel Questionnaire and I can have you relaxing sooner than later!


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