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The 'Rona Dates

Stuck in the house because your city is shut down due to the Coronavirus? Well that is EXACTLY what's happening here in Cleveland.

The Governor decided YESTERDAY to close all restaurants and bars in addition to the schools. Who knows what else is coming down the pipe, but don’t worry because I am giving you almost 2 full weeks worth of dates that you can do with your Sweetie while semi-quarantined.

You ready?

Here they go:

1. Cook together

Nothing like creating a new meal or sticking with an oldie but goodie. Open a bottle of wine, turn on some tunes, and have at it! Don’t forget dessert :)

2. Have a jam session

So Anthony and I are totally the dancing couple. He goes by DJ Prizzums and once a week he taps into his DJ side and we jam out. Full on dance party at The Price Pad!

3. Indoor picnic

Grab something quick, build a fort, and enjoy each other’s company!

4. Game Night

Uno, Scrabble, Monopoly, whatever you have on hand. Just keep going and make sure you both win at the end of the night ;)

5. Paint & Sip

Hit the craft store, print out a picture and have at it! Or you can just let your inner Picasso run free.

6. Pamper each other

Spoil your Sweetie with a bubble bath and full body massage. Don’t forget to set the scene.

7. Take a walk together

Fresh air is good for the my opinion. Take a leisurely stroll together. Leave the work, kid, and house talk at home. Walk and talk about YOU.

8. Trivia Night

Here’s a great way to use all that knowledge you’ve picked up along the way.

9. Striptease N Role Play

Break out the lingerie, set up the scene, and make it do what it do.

10. Put a puzzle together

Anthony likes puzzles. So I think we may actually give this a try soon. It just can’t be over 500 pieces though.

11. Wine Tasting

Grab a few bottles of wine, create your own grazing board, turn on some tunes and enjoy yourselves. You each buy a prize and the winner gets to pick the prize.

12. Karaoke Night

Enough said.

13. A year in Review

Look at the pictures you've taken over the last year and reflect on your favorite moments. Laugh, cry, and fall more in love with your boo!

Have fun!

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