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Hey hey hey!! It’s Travel Thursday!

So I came across this show called Checked Inn on OWN and fell in LOVE!!

For me, that’s huge because I don’t watch TV at all. I mean we go so long without turning on our TV, we turn it on just to make sure everything still works LOL!

I’d much rather grab a book and Anthony is the same way. We're the Reading Couple, so for us to watch a show together, it has to be good and this one definitely fits the bill!

They got me ready to pack up and hit the road to the Poconos TODAY!! The Poconos is a well known favorite for all things Romance, but when I saw this gem, I knew I had to add it to our list.

Checked Inn centers around Owner/Innkeeper, Monique, as she manages the staff and the guests that come to experience The Mansion at Noble Lane. Every episode, Monique not only plays Hostess with the Mostess, but Marriage Counselor as well.

I think I’m so intrigued because one of my heart’s desires is to own a B&B. I love to entertain, cook, and pamper people!

The show highlights the gorgeous grounds of the former Woolworth's estate, a variety of activities, and delectable food.

It SCREAMS relaxation!

When Anthony and I were looking for a quick getaway, The Mansion at Noble Lane was a strong contender. I just didn’t wanna drive 6 hours and get trapped in snow, so we decided to save it for the fall.

I can't wait to see this entrance to the property in person!

Honestly, the show is basically the TV poster child for why spending time away with your spouse is VITAL to your Marriage!

What I've noticed... ALL the couples SAY.THE.SAME.THING:

• We NEED time away bc my spouse is a workaholic

• We NEED time away from the kids

• I want to put some "umph" back in our love life

The results:

• We've got our spark back

• We are going to be more intentional about keeping the romance alive

• We feel refreshed

The positive transformation is such a joy to watch! 💞 They're cuddling, they're kissing, and none of them want to leave! 🥰

Now...who's ready to hit The Mansion at Noble Lane for a Weekend Getaway or a Staycation with their Boo?


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