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So guys in an effort to expand my travel business, I've decided to become a city specialist for none other than The Big Easy, New Orleans!!

I'll be able to give you guys all the juice on the best places to eat, sleep, visit, tour, and so much more!

I fell in LOVE with New Orleans during All-Star Weekend in 2017. We were celebrating a friend's birthday and it was a blast!

It was my first time there and I quickly realized that NOLA has so much to offer beyond the typical Bourbon street festivities. Yes, we went up and down Bourbon Street, but we discovered Frenchmen Street as well. I love this little neighborhood because it is eclectic and full of that great NOLA sound.

We also went on a swamp tour, had beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and discovered a cute little hat shop with fedoras that made playing dress up super fun!

I honestly think I needed another week there because I felt like there was so much to see and do that I wasn't able explore.

Oh! How could I forget to mention that I didn't eat one bad meal?! Not a single meal left me unsatisfied. It's truly a seafood lover's paradise. I had charbroiled oysters that were absolutely amazing!

Outside of the fact that New Orleans is such a fun place, I chose it because of its history and culture. What can I say? I am a History buff! These are things that I love to explore whenever I go somewhere new.

New Orleans is also very architecturally appealing. The colors of the buildings the balconies, the above ground graves. I was totally fascinated by it all. It’s unlike any other city I’ve been to.

I love learning about a city’s traditions, history, and how it came to be the city that it is today. New Orleans gives me that and so much more! Plus when I saw a Second Line in person, I totally swooned.

I can’t wait to share what I learn with you all!

If you were to be a city specialist, what city would you choose?


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