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Whew! It’s been a while guys. I hope that you all have been well during these crazy ‘Rona Days :)

Now that outside is starting to reopen again, skepticism is high on traveling outside the US. I totally understand it. First, countries are taking extra precautions with Americans, so getting in may be a smidge more tedious. Then, you don’t want to be stranded trying to get back into the US because Travel Bans are changing like the wind. Add into the mix airlines cutting their routes by almost 50%, it’s enough to make you just say forget it and stay home!


While International travel may be on pause, that doesn’t mean that you have to totally give up on your summer travel plans.

With everything that we’re facing, I urge you to forgo the Air BnBs and give a Black-owned hotel or B&B a shot. Less than 2% of the Hospitality industry is Black-owned, so I think it’s a great way to circulate money into an industry that has been hit devastatingly during COVID.

I have 10 wonderful Black-owned Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts you can go to that are all across the US. Maybe even a quick one-tank trip away from you!

Six Acres Bed & Breakfast - Cincinnati, OH

Urban Cowboy B&B - Nashville, TN

The Ivy Hotel - Baltimore, MD

Wellspring Manor & Spa - Upper Marlboro, MD

Salamander Resort & Spa - Middleburg, VA

The Clevedale Inn - Spartanburg, SC

The Moor - New Orleans, LA

Wanderstay - Houston, TX

Since we’re here in Cleveland, The Prices will definitely hit up Six Acres in the ‘Nati! It’s about 4 hours from us. And we already planned to go to The Mansion at Noble Lane this fall. I’m super excited!!

Which ones are now on your list?


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