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Happy Quarantine Day 5,301,039,013!

Have you ever been minding your own business and the Lord calls you out about something you KNOW you needed to do?

That is what happened to me. I was chilling one day and my conversation with the Lord went a little something like this:

JC: "How are you gonna teach My people about keeping the romance alive and cherishing their partner when you've been EXTREMELY selfish with Anthony?"

Me: Really God??!? *Clutches pearls* (I tried to play dumb)

JC: 😑 You know.

Me: What do You mean? Where have I been slacking??

JC: You haven't initiated sex, you have taken responsibility to spice things up, and you haven't even asked him what he finds pleasurable. I told you to be a student of your husband.

Me: Ummm... 🙈🙉

JC: What are you waiting on?? 👀👀👀 You gotta practice what you preach. 🎤


That was a critical moment in my marriage. I KNEW I should have been taking better care of my husband’s romantic needs but because of fear, I hid. As a result of not doing my part, boring and stale had taken residence in The Price Pad.

Soooooooo I obeyed.

I executed a sensual seduction plan for my man. I was super nervous about showing Anthony that side of me, but I’m so glad I took action. That night was the start of me unleashing the romantic side of myself and I never looked back.

When I started taking action, things changed for the better! I gained more confidence in myself, my femininity, and sexually. You’ve seen those K-Y commercials where the couples are completely satiated at the end...just like THAT!! 😎

If you’re where I was, allowing fear to hold you hostage - STOP! Perfect love casts out fear! You can't perfect spouse if you're holding back. You don’t have to jump in with both feet like me, you can start with a little thing and allow that to boost your confidence in doing bigger things.

The key is to ➡️ Stop WISHING your love life was better and DO SOMETHING to make it better!

Your magically wonderful love life isn’t gonna happen just because you pray and wish for it. You have to PUT IN THE EFFORT necessary to get the result you want!

The good thing is, it is totally worth it and you can totally do it and if you want, I can totally help!


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