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Hey hey hey good people!

This is what renewing our commitment to INTENTIONALLY SPEND TIME TOGETHER looks like. 🎉💖⭐❣️😁😎 {insert ALL THE FEELS!!!}

I’ma be honest and overshare like I usually do, the first half of the year was BANANAS for The Prices ok?!?!

We got lost in LIFE. We got stuck in this monotonous loop of work, study, eat, sleep, repeat.

Ya boy hadn’t planned a date in MONTHS, I was out here making business decisions that put ya boy on the back burner, I went on strike from planning our QT, ya boy was so focused on passing his classes that he lost sight of everything else, we started having more frequent “heated fellowships”, and on and on…all that to say Chile we went through it!!!

I was so frustrated at Anthony’s laser focus on work and class that I started to resent him HOWEVER, I had not actually communicated that to him effectively. Yeah, I told him and would drop hints, but I hadn’t outright said “I FEEL NEGLECTED. LOVE TANK ON E. I’M ABOUT TO CHECK OUT.”

Side note, Fellas, I know you’re all about being great providers and whatnot, but DO NOT FORGET TO BE HER LOVER! She NEEDS that!

Side note to the side note, can you imagine how hard it is to plan this awesome, romantic dates while you’re starving for one yourself?? Yeah…it was BADDDD…

Anyway, the one thing that we didn’t renege on was our monthly Bible Study. THAT turned out to be our saving grace! They actually forced us both to take responsibility for our actions that led to us to being borderline roommates and decide to either do better or continue down the path we were on.

At first, we were just doing them because we said so – more out of obligation than actual interest or to improve our spiritual & marital life BUT GOD!

This last one put all the pieces of the puzzle together AND FINALLY we got it! It was like something clicked in both of us where were like “YOOOOOO…..I get it now.” 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

We thought we were just choosing them based on what we could fit in our schedule, but God – being strategic like He is – had another plan. All those plans we chose helped us improve an area in our marriage that was seriously lacking or was a blind spot for us.

We were forced to have difficult conversations that I surely would have avoided, confront wrong thinking, reframe, and reconnect. This picture is symbolic of our recommitment to make sure our marriage lasts by putting intention on spending time together despite all the other things we have going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, school, hobbies, whatever! We STILL have to put a priority on spending time together or there ain’t gonna be a spouse to make time for!

Take stock, if you KNOW you’ve been slacking on spending time together and romancing each other, do something about it TODAY! I’m talking about you doing something to fill their Love Tank in the next 24 hours!

Don’t take them for granted. Life is too short and they could be gone tomorrow then how would you feel?

Like crap.

I pray this blesses somebody!


The plans we did in the Bible App:

- Distractions in Marriage

- Sex in Marriage, Part 1

- Boundaries in Marriage

- Connected: A 3-day Journey to Build Your Marriage


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